Why do my drain lines gurgle?

I’ve noticed from being in the plumbing field for over 25 years, that a lot of old houses have a tendency to have drain lines that gurgle. Most of the time those are the houses that have plumbing systems that are designed with cast iron, lead, and copper. These houses normally have a vent lines going through the roof, and one in the front.

If your wondering if this is like your plumbing system, then you would normally have a cover on the ground with holes in it. This is the house trap, and should always be exposed and clean so your plumbing system can breathe. Most of the time they end up getting buried. Then over time that’s when the gurgling starts. This stops the water from moving freely through your plumbing system, leaving debris behind. That will cause an obstruction, which can lead to a plumbing system failure. It is good practice to always keep your vent lines clean and exposed.

In modern houses you should not have gurgling in your drain lines. Plumbing systems in modern houses are designed with PVC, and all fixtures have their own vent lines, if the plumbing has been properly installed. If you have a modern home, and hear gurgling it could be just a minor problem like leaves or other debris in the roof vent. Here at United Sewer & Drain we have a vent line maintenance programs for both old and modern homes. Call United Sewer & drain before you have a system failure. This is an example of what causes a system failure.