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“I had a company come and dig up my main sewer line because it kept backing up.  2 days later it backed up again and then the came back and said their was nothing else they could do.  I then hired an company they cleaned the blockage and low and behold it backed up again.  A friend referred me to United Sewer and Drain and the cabled out the main line, jetted and then used their camera where they found roots.  I haven’t had a problem since.  I would definitely have them do any other work I would ever need.  They were great.”

Maureen McCaffery, Rehoboth, MA

“I wouldn’t hesitate to call them if needed in the future. The service provided was great! This was my first time and the entire experience with them (Tom) was highly professional, friendly and efficient. They earned my sincere recommendation to others and thanks!” – Sandy S. in Cumberland, RI

“They did a great job. I would call him again and I would recommend them to others.” – Fabian N.

“They have worked for me before. I got tied up but when I got there the job was done. He even sent photos.” –Mike W.


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