• At United Sewer & Drain we are ready to solve any sewerage or drainage issues you may have. We offer 24/7 responses, emergency service, contract service, and preventive maintenance services. For both residential and commercial. All our work is performed by professional technicians, who will clearly explain the problem and solution. All work is done in a neat, clean, stress free environment. Of course all our work is fully insured and guaranteed!
    United Sewer & Drain warranties all drain lines cleared by technicians with our cable and rootering services.

    -Kitchen Sinks
    -Bathroom Sinks
    -Shower Units
    -Laundry Drains
    -Storm Drain

    United Sewer & Drain also warranties all diagnostic camera inspections & hydro jetting for up to 6 months


  • Multiple main line issues
    Eliminate all debris
    Line cleaning
    Roots, grease, debris & waste
    Hydro jetting will clear all debris from your lines
    Sinks & faucets
    Toilets, showers & bathtubs
    Hot water heaters
    Dishwashers & garbage
    All heating systems
    Roots can form over time
    Water table is just too high
    Grease build up
    Bio-mat: this is a black sludge that can penetrate the leach field causing a system failure