Sewage & Grinder Pumps

Small-scale sewage pumping is normally done by a submersible pump.This became popular in the early 1960s, when a guide-rail system was developed to lift the submersible pump out of the pump station for repair, and ended the dirty and sometimes dangerous task of sending people into the sewage or wet pit. Growth of the submersible pump for sewage pumping since has been dramatic, as an increasing number of specifiers and developers learned of their advantages.

Here at United Sewer & Drain we deal with a lot of small scale sewer pumps that we call grinder pumps. You find these in homes where the basement is lower than the sewer lines in the house.
Common reasons to have a sewer pump:

  • Finished basement
  • Low lying areas

If you need help understanding sewage or grinder pumps, or are unsure if you need one. United Sewer & Drain can help you with all your sewage & grinder pump needs. All installations of sewage or grinder pumps come with our warranty.