Main Sewer Line

Main sewer line blockages seem to happen out of no where, most of the time. There are several things that can cause a main line back up. Grease, roots, certain types of toilet paper, debris, even a toilet that is not working properly can cause this to happen. A lot of older houses with cast iron drain lines normally have house traps that can get filled with debris.

There are a few signs you might start to notice when the main sewer line is getting ready to back up. You are hearing a lot of gurgling in the drain lines. Someone runs water upstairs, and the water in your toilet in the basement is fluctuating up and down. You might also start to notice water dripping out of your clean outs, or puddles around them on your basement floor. If you are noticing any of these signs don’t wait it could end up being a disaster. United Sewer & Drain can solve this problem before the disaster hits. Below are some examples of what could happen if you ignore the signs you plumbing system is sending you. Your main sewer line is getting ready to fail.