Grease Traps

Your restaurant smells like grease, and you don’t know why. Your floor drains are not working properly, and you have had them cabled out already. You have a grease trap issue. If you have a big kitchen, and it gets a lot of use you probably have a grease trap outside. Most of the drain lines will go to this, especially the floor drains. You have had your grease trap pumped out, and it still smells. The problem is the grease trap itself. When the tank is full the grease will form over the walls, and around the main pipe which is normally plumbed in with a tee when it was installed. Over time the tee ends up being blocked with grease. A lot of other companies will tell you that you have too dig up your grease trap. This is not always true. Someone needs to go down into the grease trap, and do a proper inspection. This will tell you exactly what is causing the issue. Once the issue is identified it can be properly addressed. The floor drains will start to work properly, and the smell will go away. United Sewer & Drain specializes in this. Call us we will save you time & money.