Garbage Disposal Problems

We get a lot of calls for garbage disposal problems. The line is backed up, and the garbage disposal is humming. People think their lines are bad, but their lines are fine. First I would cable your line, then I would clear all debris that was clogging up the garbage disposal. Then I will ask them to show me how they would normally operate their garbage disposal. 90% of the people are not using the garbage disposal properly. Here is the proper way to operate a garbage disposal. You should first start with running plenty of water, activate the garbage disposal, allow water and disposal to run a few minutes you should always allow the disposal and water to do its job. This can take a few moments. You should start doing something else for a few minutes to allow the water to push the grounded up material to the main sewer line. I also strongly suggest that you fill your sinks at least once a week with hot water only and let them drain down. It is a good way too solve a problem drain line in your plumbing system. United Sewer & Drain can help you with any garbage disposal issues you may have.