Camera inspection

The sewer camera/locator is a highly useful piece of equipment used for the inspection of sewer and drain lines. The sewer camera/ locator is basically a camera that goes down into the line and has a monitor recording both video and audio. The locator can reach up to two hundred feet. Upon completion, the service technician determines exactly what and where the problem lies. From that point, the client is provided a copy of the DVD and a proposal to correct the issue. We recommend a camera inspection when you have multiple blockages occurring in the same line.

Some things you may find upon a camera inspection: Roots, grease build up, belly in the line, broken pipe, and any problems that may be occurring from the city’s side of the sewer system. These things can be identified quickly with a camera inspection. United Sewer & Drain can do a camera inspection for you today. All camera inspections come with our warranty. United Sewer & Drain can save you time & money.