A Basic Drain Blockage

A drain line blockage is not always an easy fix. A lot of home owners try to clear these blockages themselves, only to find it is not easy. There are a lot of things to consider when clearing these blockages so you don’t harm your plumbing system. First you need to identify what kind of plumbing system you have. This tells you how to go about clearing the blockage. If you have an older home with copper, lead, cast iron, or galvanized drain lines, this is an example of what could happen. Copper drain lines have a tendency to make the cable go from one fixture to another never allowing the blockage to be cleared. That’s because copper drain lines are sautered together with tee’s. This allows the cable to go from one fixture to another never clearing the blockage. PVC lines use what are called Y’s allowing the cable to flow towards the blockage never interfering with another fixture. There are also old drain traps that could interfere with clearing the blockage. United Sewer & Drain can clear any blocked drain you may have residential or commercial. Call us for all your blocked drains.