How to unclog a shower or tub drain

Have you ever been taking a shower and you notice it is starting to fill up. It is not draining. Unclogging your own shower or tub drain a lot of times is very easy. These clogged drains are common, as every time you take a shower hair, dead skin, oil, and soap scum go down your drain. Building up over time causing a slow or clogged line. Here are some tips you can try before calling anyone.

Plunger – a lot of times this will be the only thing you will need. You need a good seal over your drain with the plunger. You need to also plug up any air overflow drains. You can use a washcloth or tape to block these holes. Once you have all this done you are ready to begin. Place plunger over drain and give it about 12 good pumps remove plunger and check to see if it is loosing up. Repeat the process a few times it should work, if it is just a clogged drain.

Coat hanger – first you need a screwdriver to remove any drain cover present. Once the drain cover is removed take a flashlight and look down the drain to see if you can see any debris such as hair. If you see stuff you need to fish it out to clear the slow drain. Once you have fished out all debris the drain should be back to flowing properly.

If after you try these handy tips and your drains are still not draining call us at United Sewer & Drain we can help solve you clogged shower or bathtub.