Bath Tub Drain Line Is Clogged

Is your bath tub backing up? This is very common in all houses. There are a lot of ways this could happen. It normally starts with it draining slowly, but gradually progresses to the point where the bath tub drain line is just not draining. This is because the drain line is fully blocked up.

If you start to notice that you are standing in a few inches of water when showering, or you notice that the bath tub is draining slowly. Here are some tips you can try to clear the drain line. Take a screwdriver and remove the strainer. Use a coat hanger in the drain to check for hair or other debris. If that does not clear the blockage, or there is no debris it means the blockage is further down the drain line. Takea plunger and a wet rag. Hold the wet rag under the over flow drain ( normally this is located directly under tub spout). Now you can plunge it. Give it about 10 good thrusts. Now check too see if it is draining. If it is, but slowly still repeat the process. If no improvement that means the blockage is further down the line and you need to have the right knowledge and equipment to solve this problem. United Sewer & Drain specializes in this. Call us we can solve this problem for you. Ask about our warranty.